So, you're keen to use waterbased inks but are finding that because the inks sink in to the fabric, the fabric can somewhat overpower them, especially when it comes to light colours on dark garments. Fear not, we've all been there!

There are a couple of routes to go down:

Regular ink and a discharge agent

This is adding either a fluid or paste to the ink, then printing as normal. You can also use the discharge paste on a separate screen, but we find for most of our customers, mixing it in is easier. Just remember that once mixed, the ink has a short shelf life of 24hours, so only mix up what you need.

Our Hunt The Moon inks work well with the Jacquard Discharge Paste

Jacquards 'discharge paste' was recently renamed 'DeColourant' so there's a bit of a mix of what we're calling it!

Opaque inks

There are some great out of the tub solutions that don't involve discharge. Our new range of opaque screen printing inks are great for this, just make sure you are picking up the opaque inks if you're printing on dark colours. These can also have the discharge paste added for premium results. There's a whole variety of colours and we are big fans of these inks!

Speedball Opaque inks are good too, but if you want the whitest white go for the Hunt The Moon Super Opaque White. If it's a super nice gold or silver, our regular range have great opacity and are tough to beat. 

Use discharge on it's own:

For a cool effect, why not use it on it's own? Here's an awesome video by our friends at dewerstone Outdoor Lifestyle. The paste prints almost totally clear and then once the heat is applied the colour just starts to strip out of the fabric.

Imagine the below combined with the Hunt The Moon Super Opaque White, it would be amazingly white!



There's always more time for improving your screen printing. Keeping great screens should be high on your list.

 Got questions? Just drop us a message... 

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