Jacquard iDye Poly Colour Intensifier - 470ml Bottle

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    Jacquard Colour Intensifier for iDye Poly fabric dyes.

    For dyeing deeper colours on polyester.

    16 fl oz/470ml bottle.


    1. Add approximately 3% by weight of fabric (about 14 g per pound of fabric) 

        of Colour Intensifier to iDye Poly dye bath prior to introduction of fabric.

    2. Follow dyeing instructions for iDye Poly.


    - For 100% polyester and nylon. (For polyester and nylon blends with natural fibres, use iDye Poly with the corresponding iDye for natural fabrics.)

    - Not all synthetic fibres are created equal. Results will vary depending on type of fabric, and the mix of fabrics.

    - Please test before use, as we can't be held responsible for mistakes or accidents.


    Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. 

    Always use common sense and good housekeeping when using Jacquard’s products.