Hunt The Moon - Screen Cleaning Bundle - Stencil Strip, Mesh Prep and Screen Wash!

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A special Bundle Pack of our top selling screen cleaning products!

Perfect for prepping or cleaning your screen after you have used photo emulsion!

The packs contains;

1x 100ml Mesh Prep
1x 250ml Stencil Strip
1x 250ml Screen Wash for Water Based Ink

1x 240ml Mesh Prep
1x 250ml Stencil Strip
1x 250ml Screen Wash for Water Based Ink

1x 240ml Mesh Prep
1x 500ml Stencil Strip
1x 500ml Screen Wash for Water Based Ink

Emulsion Remover;

Also known as stencil strip. This is what you use to remove the emulsion from your screen and reclaim it back to new!

Screen Wash;

Used after you've done your last print.

With water based inks you can use water and fairy liquid, however screen cleaner will accelerate the clean up and help any of those tough bits without damaging the stencil. 

We often use water & fairly liquid, but have the screen wash on the side and use it for the more difficult and stubborn bits!

Mesh Prep;

Mesh Prep is a multi purpose product, to be used before you coat the screen with emulsion. It de-greases the mesh, removes dust and static and will greatly improve the life of the stencil by improving the bond between the emulsion and the mesh itself.

This is a product that everyone should be using to get the most out of their screens, to prevent pinholes and the general breakdown of the emulsion.

Only a small amount is used per screen, so a 240ml tub will do a good 20+ screens. 

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