Hunt The Moon - Mesh - Various Mesh Counts

Mesh Count: 32T (80US)
Length: 1 Metre
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Our own mesh which is very high quality. A general rule of thumb for choosing the right mesh is the finer the detail, the higher the mesh count. If you're unsure which to go for, drop us an email or give us a call, we're happy to help.

One metre lengths of HIGH QUALITY screen printing mesh. The mesh is 127cm wide.

- The mesh is sold in one metre lengths, if you purchase more than one metre the mesh will come in a continuous strip.

- 32T (80US) is great for depositing more ink to what ever you are printing on to. We use it a lot for less complicated, blocky designs and for printing lighter colours on to darker fabrics. It is ideal for printing on T Shirts, Hoodys etc As well as other textiles.

- 43T (110US) is the most commonly used mesh, it is ideal for printing on T Shirts, Hoodys etc As well as other textiles.

- 55T (140US) is great for screen printing on T Shirts, Hoodys etc As well as other textiles.

- 77T (196US) is great for finer detail, the majority of fabrics and lightweight textiles. It is also great for printing on paper, card and other substrates.

- 120T (305US) is great for finer detail and printing on fine quality paper, card etc. Ideal for detailed art prints.

We use it a lot for complicated designs on T Shirts, Hoodys when fine detail and less ink is required.  As well as other textiles.

- This is the same mesh that we use daily in our printshop. The mesh you use on your screen is the most important part of your set up, and having extensively researched and tested mesh from many different manufactures, we now import our own mesh, made to our own specifications. Like everything we sell, it’s tried and tested by us, from the kitchen table to our professional print shop. 

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