Hunt The Moon Aluminium Silk Screen Printing Frame & Aluminium Squeegee – Choose Mesh and Size

Size: A5
Mesh Count: 32T
In stock


All our aluminium screen printing frames are professionally made to the highest standards. We have personally tested our product through thousands of print cycles in our lab to ensure its fitness for purpose.


Available in;

A3 with a 12" Aluminium Square 75 Shore Squeegee
A4 with a 8" Aluminium Square 75 Shore Squeegee
A5 with a 6" Aluminium Square 75 Shore Squeegee
Unsure of which mesh count you need?
No worries! 
The higher the t number, the greater the amount of mesh lines per cm.
32t - Printing on fabric. Great for letting more ink through the screen. We use it a lot for lighter inks on darker fabrics.
43t - Printing on fabric. The most commonly used mesh count. Start here.
55t - Printing on fabric. There aren't a lot of jobs you can't do on 43t, but when you have a little finer detail, 55t is great.
77t - Printing on fabric, card and paper. Finer detail designs.
90t - Printing on paper, card and occasionally fabric. Detail.
120t - Printing on paper, card and occasionally fabric. Super fine detail.

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