Monthly Ink Subscription Box

Get fresh colours each month to keep that print life exciting! 

Our Monthly Subscription box is carefully curated to bring you new inks that are not available in our regular ink ranges and are available to subscribers ahead of anyone else. 

Shades from across the rainbow through to pastels, fluros, metallics and opaques.

These inks will work great for single colour prints, and also create a fun palette to work with and use with each other.

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Pick your size 🎨

Available in either 3x 100ml or 3x 250ml tubs. Choose the subscription to suit you, shipping is included. At this time our monthly ink subscription ink set is UK shipping only.

You'll find out what monthly ink colours you'll be receving in our exclusive slack group for Monthly Ink Subscribers ✨

Tailor Made Subscription 🎨

Subscriptions can be edited, paused or cancelled at any time - all easy to do from your customer account. If you already have an account with us you can manage your subscription via your account. 

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Try a box before you subscribe 📭

The ink sets will be available on our ink sets page after the subscriptions have shipped, assuming we have some leftover. 

However don't forget, with the subscription not only do you save on the ink set price, you get free shipping every month.

Don't miss out! Get subscribed. 

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