Hunt The Moon Diazo Photo Emulsion Set - Choose Size! 1Ltr or 250ml

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    Hunt The Moon Diazo Photo Emulsion Set

    Contains either;

    1x 250ml Hunt The Moon Diazo Photo Emulsion & Sensitiser
    1x 1000ml Hunt The Moon Diazo Photo Emulsion & Sensitiser

    Great for exposing your screens and printing with water based and even plastisol inks! 

    Instructions for use;


    Fill the sensitiser bottle to 50% with water, replace the lid and shake until disolved, then add this to the emulsion.
    Rinse the sensitiser bottle out filling to approximately 25%, shaking and adding to the emulsion.

    Note: For coarse fabric or for a thicker, more viscous emulsion, mix the diazo with a little less water.
    This will create a thicker emulsion coat and may require a longer exposure.

    Stir the emulsion well until the contents are fully mixed.
    After mixing the emulsion should be left for at least an hour to allow bubbles to disperse.

    Screen Preparation:

    Screens, new or used, should be de-greased. We recommend our mesh prep here to prevent static, to remove dust and to eliminate pinholes & fish eyes.
    The screens should then be well washed and dried.

    Coat the screens with 1 or 2 coats to the underside and 1 or 2 coats on the top side, wet on wet is recommended. To get an even coat, and to reduce wastage a scoop coater is really handy!
    Dry the screens in a near horizontal position in darkness or subdued lighting, be careful that dust does not settle on the screen surface.


    Correct exposure time is most important thing in obtaining the best results from our emulsion. This is where a 'Step Test' comes in handy!
    Exposure times depend on the type of the light source and the distance between screen and the light.
    Once your exposure time is found, you shouldn't need to vary it.


    First wet the screen with cold or warm water, don't use very hot water.
    After a few minutes the unexposed emulsion can then be removed using a gentle water spray, try to avoid using high pressure washing.
    Immediately after rinsing remove surplus water with a clean chamois leather or sponge.


    Lay the screen in a near horizontal position and dry using a fan heater/dryer at no more than 40 degrees C.

    And there you have it! One ready to print screen!

    We have lots of useful guides on screen exposure in our blog section, and we're happy to help! Just give us a call.