BBC Afford-a-flash - Ryonet green - Deluxe flash dryer - 16" x 16" - USED

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    This is a used flash dryer that came in to us as part of a larger sale of screen printing equipment. We have the 'big brother' of this flash dryer in our print shop and have used it without issue for over 6 years - and we got it second hand, ours must be 15 years old and doesn't skip a beat.

    This ones seen a little more use and has some schoring around the edges, if we felt this affected its performance in any way, we wouldn't be selling it.

    This is missing the height adjustment tightener, however we've used a hose clip to keep it in place, we'll include this. Reality is, once you've set the height, unless your set up changes, it's not something you regularly adjust - even so, the hose clip keeps it easy to do if needed.

    This runs off a normal 13amp plug. This would be ideal for either flashing or fully curing prints up to A3 in size. New these are almost £700.

    BBC industries make serious screen printing equipment that stands the test of time. If you've looked at all those cheap flash dryers on eBay and want to get something that heats to the edge and does what it says - this is it.

    Text below from the BBC industries Afford a flash page.

    The Afford-a-Flash™ Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. is simply ideal for new screen print shops and startups, or as an auxiliary system in established shops. Highlighted by our exemplary Black Body® heater, the Afford-a-Flash Dryer comes standard with a 10-foot cord, stand, and casters.


    • 2 Sizes – 16″ x 16″ or 18″ x 18″ (We have the 16" x 16" version for sale)
    • Black Body Heater Element
    • Stand and Casters
    • Heater Head Adjustment Lever

    It's easy to adjust the height, heats up quickly and if we had anything other than the big brother of this in our print shop, we'd be keeping it. 

    Condition - there's a couple of ink marks, but this really does show light use. Knowing where it came from, this flash really hasn't been abused and with a bit of clean up wouldn't be far off pasing as new.

    We also had a BBC Little Buddy tunnel / conveyor dryer for a few years, again that was bombproof. The build quality of BBC is exceptional.

    We can only ship this within the UK.