BBC Industries Black Flash Cure 18" x 24" - USED

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    BBC Industries Black Flash Cure 18" x 24" - USED

    The industry standard of flash cures the world over. If you're looking at it you probably know what it is already, if you don't a little search will tell you how badass these beasts are!

    This flash has worked for years and will continue to work for years. We're selling due to upgrading to a new one and this is now surplus to requirements. 

    It's on a U shaped stand, super heavy duty. That flash unit will rotate a full 360 degrees. The stand does not have wheels. 

    It's got the usual ink splashes and some rusting, but this does not effect it's performance in any way.

    It's fairly big and heavy so this is for UK shipping only. It will be disassembled before shipping but is quite easy to assemble, if you want to see it working you can for sure.