Hunt The Moon - Large 23x31" Professional Aluminium Silk Screens Frames - Damaged

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  • RRP £49.99

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    Professional Quality Aluminium Screen Printing Frames - Damaged

    23 inches x 31 inches 120T Mesh - rrp £49.99
    23 inches x 31 inches 90T Mesh - rrp £49.99

    These aluminium screen printing screens are of a professional grade.
    They have been used, and proffesionally cleaned, they do have the odd ink mark or adhesive mark here and there.
    However during storage the mesh has been damaged!

    * 120t screen (F522) has a large hole in it, and is priced as frame only!
    * 120t screen (F521) has a small hole on one edge and is pretty much in the tape out zone on the side of the screen. It still has perfect tension.
    * 90t screen (F523) has a small slash on one edge, it is on the top edge of the screen and is just outside the tape out zone. It can be taped over to allow printing on the remainder of the screen. It still has good tension.

    The ruler shows the size of the holes on these screens.

    Approximate External Frame Measurements (inches);