HUNT THE MOON - USED (19"x24") Aluminium silk screen 43T mesh

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USED A3+(19"x24") Aluminium silkscreen 43T mesh.

Reclaimed exposure, the emulsion has been removed, there is some ghosting of previous exposure, however, this will not affect any new exposures or printing of the image. There is a small tear in the mesh shown in the images, this is close to the edge of the screen and is outside of the printing area, and will be blocked when taped off. the tension of the mesh is still really good. 

Ideal for beginners practicing and experimenting with printing and developing techniques. Meshes are ideal for screen printing onto fabric. 

*All USED items are sold as seen. We do not sell anything that cannot be used again, however, the condition is reflected in the sale price. All used screens will need a clean and a degrease before use as whist they will have been cleaned, they may have sat around in our warehouse for a while. There may be some ink staining on the mesh and wood, however, once cleaned this would not affect functionality.


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