Versatex Mega Clearance Bundle!

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    Versatex Mega Clearance Bundle! - Great for fabric and paper!

    End of line / being discontinued. The last of what we have at mega discount! 1x 4oz tub and 5x 16oz tubs! 

    1x 4oz Fluro Yellow, 1x 16oz Bronze, 1x 16oz Violet, 1x 16oz Yellow Green, 1x 16oz Blue, 1x 16oz Magenta

    These semi-transparent water-based inks have a smooth, creamy consistency that screen printers rave about.
    The softest ink available for fabric, Versatex inks are also extremely permanent and washfast, making them the inks of choice among many professional textile printers.
    Non-toxic and odorless, Versatex inks are exceptionally vibrant on light coloured fabrics and papers.

    The colours mix and overlay beautifully and may be thinned and cleaned with water.
    Increase the transparency without affecting viscosity by using the Clear Extender 300.
    The metallic colours and Opaque White 345 have excellent coverage on dark grounds.

    For maximum permanence on fabric, heat set or use the Versatex Fixer additive.
    Screen Life may also be added to the inks to extend the open time on the screen.

    screen printing, stenciling, stamping, block and mono printing

    natural and synthetic fabrics, paper, wood, leather, canvas and more