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    Finally! We talked about it, we used it forever in house and finally, our own range of opaque waterbased ink for fabric, paper and card is here!

    It's all the same good vibes as our regular range of waterbased screen print ink, just way better for dark fabrics in particular! The ink sits more on the surface, it has a higher pigment content and it's easier to lay down a thicker print that doesn't sink in to the fabric so much - great for those darker colours t shirts!

    We've a whole colour range coming, and the colours can be mixed easily with eachother. 

    In a nutshell, this is the ink you need for printing on dark fabrics.

    - 100ml, 240ml or 1ltr tubs

    - Heat cures: 2-3 at 160 degrees 

    - Poppy vibrant colours 

    - Great for fabric, paper and card

    - Vegan

    Printing on dark fabrics? Check out our blog post on how to discharge and opaque inks.

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