Jacquard - Airfix Fix Prints without heat.

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Jacquard Airfix.

An additive for Jacquard's: Textile Colours, Neopaque, and Dye-Na-Flow (as well as most other acrylic fabric paints).
Use Airfix as a catalyst to fix colours when heat setting is not practical.

Perfect for those without heat lamps or when iron fixing isn't possible - like 3D prints and puff prints!

60ml (Item CHM1191)
250ml (Item CHM2191)

Add approximately 1 teaspoon/5 g per 1 qt /0.95 L to any water-based fabric paint (or 3% by weight).
Use mixture within six hours.
Use only in well ventilated area and avoid skin contact.
Wash hands well with soap and water.