BBC Industries Black Flash Cure 18" x 24" - USED

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BBC Industries Black Flash Cure 18" x 24" - USED

The industry standard of flash cures the world over. If you're looking at it you probably know what it is already, if you don't a little search will tell you how badass these beasts are!

This flash has worked for years and will continue to work for years. These BBC flashes are designed and built to run all day, every day.

This is running off a normal 13amp plug but could be converted to run off a commando socket etc!

We're selling due to upgrading to a fancier model and this is now surplus to requirements. 

It's on a star shaped stand, super heavy duty. That flash unit will rotate a full 360 degrees and adjusts in height easily. The stand does not have wheels. It's in good condition, coming from a print shop that did little printing.

It's fairly big and heavy so this is for UK shipping only. It will be disassembled before shipping but is quite easy to assemble, if you want to see it working you can for sure.

 Manufacturer specs: BBC Flash Dryer

"Introduced in 1982, the Black Flash Dryer by BBC Industries, Inc. has become the Most Trusted flash/cure dryer in the screen print industry because of its efficiency and reliability. Consistent heat radiation over the entire element surface ensures every print is properly flashed or cured. We offer a wide range of sizes, wattages, voltages, and accessories. Made to last, the Black Flash® Dryer is built to be your all-purpose flash dryer for many years."

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