Blacquer - Inkjet Ink for film positives

Size: 250ml
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Want the best screen printing transparencies? Blacquer ink will do the business on blocking the light when it comes to screen exposure!

We know that if you're reading this, you probably know about Blacquer ink already, but if you've questions, by all means give us a call.

Blacquer Ink is a unique product developed to service the screen positive film printing market.  Blacquer has been developed to produce the most dense black film positives on the market, increasing the quality of your screens in production.

This dense black image allows screen printers to produce faultless screens time after time. 

Blacquer is derived from the highest quality inkjet pigments producing more opacity than standard OEM inkjet inks.

Only designed for Epson. You will need a printer with a continuous ink system, such as the Eco Tank 14000.

This is a professional ink for making high quality transparencies and if you just stick it in your average printer and use it once in a while, it will clog it up and break it - we cannot be held responsible for that!

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