Speedball Super Value Block Printing Starter Kit

  • £25.99
  • RRP £33.99

Speedball Block Printing Value Starter Kit 3471
This is the ideal 'starter' pack for anyone who wants to do a spot of block printing!
4in x 5in Lino Block
#1 #2 #5 Lino Cutters
Lino Handle
1.3oz Black Printing Ink
4in Soft Rubber Brayer
Foam Inking Tray
Instruction Booklet.

Lino Cutter Handle, Cutter and Linozips

The Speedball Red Handled Lino Cutter features a hand-adjustable metal chuck for easy installation and change of cutters and linozips. Speedball handles all have a twist off cap for cutter storage inside the handle.

For the accomplished carver, Speedball offers a complete selection of linoleum cutters. Our cutters have sharp, long-lasting cutting edges and are ideal for both hard and soft substrates.

Lino Cutters sizes:

  • No. 1 - Small V
  • No. 2 - Large V
  • No. 5 - Large U Gouge


Speedball’s most popular brayers are great for printmaking, paper crafting, memory albums, stamping and home décor. The most popular Deluxe Soft Rubber Brayer is made from pure natural gum rubber with a ground finish, 4” wide Pop-In™ Roller in soft rubber.

Our innovative and exciting Pop-In™ Roller Brayer selection is the crafters choice.