Hunt The Moon Deluxe 43t Aluminium Screen Printing Kit - A4 or A3 With Photo Emulsion

  • £64.99

Here at Hunt The Moon, we don't just like screen printing; we're passionate about it. We've made it our goal to make this fascinating art-form accessible by everyone, and our bespoke screen printing kits are the best place to get started.

Our Aluminium screen printing kits set a new standard in affordable printing kits. 
Each kit is hand-made on Dartmoor by people who understand both the art and the science of screen printing.
The high-tension frame is finished with 43T mesh - the most versatile option for printing on fabric, paper and card.

The Squeegee is fitted with a 75 shore, medium stiffness blade, which makes it both forgiving and precise - the ideal all-rounder.

The bundled water based inks are perfect for the hobbyist, being the safest and most environmentally friendly choice. 

Kit contents:
All of the above, but with 6x 100ml pots of ink, one each of black, white, red, yellow, green and blue
then just choose wether you want either;
8floz (236ml) of Jacquard Diazo photo emulsion and sensitiser.
Or a bundle pack of;
7fl oz of Speedball Diazo photo emulsion.
1 fl oz of Speedball Diazo photo emulsion sensitiser.
8 fl oz of Speedball Diazo photo emulsion remover.