Hunt The Moon - Exposure Kit

  • £79.99

Exposing your screens shouldn't be a chore, or expensive. We've put together an easy to use kit with all the bits you need that is ideal for use with our A4 or A3 screens.

All you have to do is decide which photo emulsion you'd prefer to use, this is easily dictated by the amount you'll use: Jacquard make smaller tubs and Speedball make a larger tub!


The kit includes:

1000w Halogen Light 

2x 1000w Halogen Light Bulbs (So you have a spare) 

Sturdy adjustable height stand

A4 Foam Block

A3 Foam Block

Instructions on how to expose your screens with Speedball or Jacquard emulsion


We now also sell a money saving version including the Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit.

Simply choose from the dropdown to choose with our without!

This kit contains

7fl oz of Speedball photo emulsion.

8 fl oz of Speedball photo emulsion remover.

1 fl oz of Speedball photo emulsion sensitiser.

Detailed instructions. 


All you'll need to do is source a piece of glass A4 / A3 size to sit on top of your design to keep it flat and tight to the screen when you expose. These aren't expensive, just a pain to post. Borrowing one from a photo frame is a great option!


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