Jacquard Acid Dye - For Silk, Wool Cashmere and Feathers

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    Jacquard Acid Dye – Bright, Lightfast, Washfast colours for Silk, Wool, Feathers and Nylon and available in 40 colour shades!

    Pic 'N' Mix: Any Colours, Any sizes

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    Don’t be worried by the name, acid dye gets it’s name from the use of mild acid in the dye bath, such as either white vinegar or citric acid.

    Acid dyes are used to colour silk and wool and other protein based fibres (as well as some nylons), and nothing does it better than this!

    Suitable for protein fibres such as silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca, feathers, etc. and even some nylons !

    Extremely brilliant and colourfast, Jacquard Acid Dyes are highly concentrated, powdered hot water dyes that produce level, uniform colour when immersion dyeing. They exhaust extremely well and won’t bleed or fade with washing. Of all the colorants in the world, acid dyes are known to produce the most vibrant colours of all, and Jacquard’s palette is unsurpassed both for quality and intensity.

    In addition to yarn, fibre and fabric dyeing, Jacquard Acid Dyes may also be used for direct painting or printing applications, using steam setting.

     A 14 g bottle will colour up to 2 lbs/.91 kg of fibre, depending on the depth of the shade.

    The variables in dyeing are temperature, dye concentration, time and amount (dry weight) of fabric. The washing machine method is the easiest way to dye fabric a solid colour. However, if you are concerned with achieving the most accurate and reproducible results, or getting the darkest colours, we recommend using the stove top method. Use the instructions as a guideline. Acid dyes are quite forgiving and amenable to variations in procedure. The more you experiment, the more you will discover!

    NOTE: Instructions are for achieving the most vibrant colour. For lighter shades, dissolve dye in small container with hot water. Add the appropriate amount of dissolved dye to the dye bath to achieve the desired shade. Keep in mind that colour will deepen the longer the fabric is in the dye bath.

    Always test first. We can’t be held responsible for mistakes or accidents.

    Please contact us if you would like detailed instructions, we’ll be happy to send you detailed manufacturer instructions and FAQs to avoid any mishaps!


    For best results:

    • Read entire instructions before starting.
    • For best results, and maximum colour intensity, use stove top method.
    • For lighter shades, use less dye and vice versa.