screen printing discharge fluid by jacquard

Jacquard - Screen Ink Discharge Fluid 236ml

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Screen Ink Discharge Additive helps achieve bright, vibrant screened colors on dyed dark fabrics without laying down an undercoat of white ink. Simply add to screen ink, screen and steam. This process helps retain a softer hand on fabric than is achievable with multiple layers of ink and reduces the amount of screening necessary. Works only on dyed fabrics. We recommend testing to ensure that the dye used in your fabric is dischargeable.


CAUTION! A very strong odor is given off during the steaming process. Contact with eyes and skin may cause irritation. Ingestion may result in gastric disturbance. Inhalation of vapors while ironing may result in respiratory irritation. Wear appropriate organic vapor mist respirator if necessary. Use in well ventilated area. Keep this product away from children.



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