Jacquard Dye Na Flow Exciter Starter Pack Kit - 9 Colours!

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A great introduction to Jacquards free flowing colours, for use on all fabrics and papers.
9 concentrated vibrant colours 'a paint that behaves like a dye'.

Highly-concentrated, free-flowing, Dye-Na-Flow fabric paint simulates dye. Designed for use on natural and synthetic fibres.
This highly saturated, highly transparent fluid acrylic paint is permanent on any porous or semi-porous surface, including natural and synthetic fabrics, and in many ways simulates a true dye.
Dye-Na-Flow spreads on fabric until it is thoroughly absorbed and even, sinking into the fibers like a dye instead of sitting on the surface like thicker inks and paints.
The colours are intense, washfast and will not change the feel of the fabric.
Dye-Na-Flow is versatile and may be used for many diverse applications, from silk painting to wood staining

Heat set with a dry iron or use Jacquard Airfix (an alternative means of fixing, more commonly used in production runs).

painting, spray on tie dye, watercolour, airbrushing, salt technique, spritzing through stencils, sponge printing, sun printing, batik, resist techniques including serti, woodstaining, marbling, urban art and more

Suitable for;
Natural and synthetic fabrics, wood, paper, clay, canvas, suede, leather and more

Also includes two projects: Kim Meyer's "Waist Coat" and Celia Buchanan's "Tie."

Includes nine 1/2 fl oz/14 ml bottles in the following colors:

801 Sun Yellow
802 Golden Yellow
803 Bright Orange
805 Scarlet
809 Magenta
811 Violet
812 Periwinkle
813 Turquoise
818 Chartreuse