Jacquard Pre-Reduced Indigo Natural Dye Sachet - Choose Size

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Indigo is one of the oldest dyes used for colouring fabrics and is still used today to colour blue jeans. Indigo dye comes from a tropical plant and the beautiful blue dye is made from the leaves of the plant through a process of fermentation. This natural vat dye exists in plants all over the world and is virtually the only blue dye that occurs in nature.

Indigo has a fascinating history and is worth checking out! Have a look at the manufactures instructions further down as it has some really interesting information!

It is equally fascinating to use too, the blue colour “magically” appears as dipped fabric is exposed to oxygen in the air! This unique property sets indigo apart from every other dye and makes it especially well-suited for patterning fabric. The dye produces a wide range of blues, from a pale sky blue to the darkest navy.

Prized by countless cultures for millennia, indigo is still used today for colouring blue jeans.

Jacquard’s indigo is a synthetic organic and comes pre-reduced 60% for unprecedented ease of use. 

It’s suitable for all natural fibres including: cotton, linen, silk, canvas, hemp, wool, wood and more.


0.75 oz/21 g

8 oz/0.23 kg

1 lb/0.45 kg

We sell the small sachets in money saving 3 and 6 packs too!


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Manufacturers instructions