Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink Bulk System Pigment Concentrate - Process Colours

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Special Order - Jacquard Professional Screen Printing Ink Bulk System - 950ml

Please allow 14 days order turn around, as they are made to order.

Pigment Concentrate Only, these will need to be mixed into a medium, either a transparent, or an opaque base.

These professional-quality, highly permanent, water-based inks are for porous and non-porous surfaces.
A technological breakthrough, open time on the screen has been greatly extended, giving printers more time to work with individual colours without in-screen drying.

Jacquard’s bulk system allows printers both ultimate control of their colours and ultimate economy.
Printers mix our concentrated dispersed pigments into a base (transparent or opaque) at whatever load desired.
This allows for an infinite range of both hue and colour intensity.


  • Open time on the screen is greatly extended compared to other waterbased inks. 
  • This allows for longer print runs and greater flexibility, as the risk of in-screen drying is much reduced.
  • Use on porous and non-porous surfaces such as: fabric, vinyl, metal, leather, paper, wood, plastic and canvas.
  • Won’t wrinkle or buckle paper when printing art prints or posters.
  • Non-scuffable, semi-gloss finish.
  • Easy clean up with soap & water.
  • Suited for commercial applications.
  • Archival and lightfast, with excellent coverage and resolution.
  • Washable and drycleanable on natural and synthetic fabrics.
  • Air cures after 72 hours. Heat setting on fabrics is recommended for extra durability.

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