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Jacquard - Large - Tie Dye Kit with DVD

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    This kit is a fantastic introduction to tie dye but it's worth noting that if you're looking to tie dye less than 5 garments, check out the 'Funky Groovy' kit - if you know you want to dye more, this is the kit for you!

    Just like the Funky Groovy kit, everything bar the t shirts is in the box and this kit will easily dye up to 15 t shirts. It's also great fun for all ages!

    For use on cotton and other natural fabrics or clothing. 

    Included in this kit:

    - Pre-measured Procion MX dyes (1 each in: Red, Blue and Yellow) 
    - 4 squirt (mixing) bottles
    - Soda ash dye fixer
    - Rubber gloves
    - Bunch of rubber bands
    - DVD showing multiple folding patterns
    - Instructions with tying patterns