Jacquard Lumiere 6 Colour Starter Pack - Light Body Acrylic Paint - 70ml - Textile Paper Clay

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Jacquard Lumiere Light Body Acrylic Paint 70ml - 6 Colour Set.

Lustrous Lumiere metallic paint covers well and adds dazzle to fabric, leather, paper and wood.
This stunning assortment of light-bodied metallic and pearlescent paints brush on smoothly and are formulated to last.

Includes six 2.25 fl oz/66.54 ml jars with the following colours:

561 Metallic Gold
562 Metallic Olive Green
563 Metallic Silver
564 Metallic Copper
565 Metallic Bronze
568 Pearlescent White

Suitable for natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, vinyl, plastic, rubber, clay, paper and more.
They won’t crack, peel or chip, even on flexible surfaces like fabric, leather, vinyl or rubber.
Soft to the touch and wash fast on fabric, Lumiere paints also exhibit unparalleled adhesive properties, even on non-porous surfaces like ceramic and metal.
Lumiere colours are light fast and weather resistant and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage, even on dark grounds.

Lumiere is permanent on most porous or semi-porous surfaces.
It can be thinned with water for a more transparent colour or, to maintain the viscosity of the paint and achieve transparent effects, mix Lumiere
with the Neopaque Extender.

All Jacquard colours are intermixable and can be applied however you choose:
with a brush, stamp, block print, sponge, applicator, etc.

This dazzling assortment of metallic and pearlescent paints brush on like butter and are designed not to spread.
Lumiere allows for smooth application on soft or flexible surfaces like fabric, or uneven textures like Styrofoam.
Lumiere is also beautiful on paper, wood, canvas, leather, polymer clay or almost any other porous or semi-porous surface.
It is an archival water-based paint that is wash fast and dry cleanable on fabric after heat setting.

For best results, heat setting should be done with a dry iron on the highest temperature setting appropriate for the fabric you are working on.
The colours can be bright or subtle, even on dark backgrounds.
Their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage.

There are five different categories of colours within the Lumiere line.
While all the colours are metallic pearlescents containing mica pigments, there are several different formulas within the line.
Knowing the characteristics of each will help you get the very most out of your paint.

All the colours in the Lumiere line are made with coated mica pigments.
The different colours and effects within the line are achieved by modifying the depth of the coating, the particle size of the pigment and, in some cases, by pairing pigments.


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