Jacquard Lumiere Exciter Acrylic Fabric Leather Silk Paint Starter Pack Kit - 9 Colours!

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  • RRP £23.49

A great introduction to this beautiful light bodied coloured acrylic paint. 9 gorgeous metallic and pearlescent colours. Super soft feel on untreated fabric, leather, silk, paper and wood.

Lustrous Lumiere pearlescent and metallic paint covers well and adds dazzle to fabric, leather, paper and wood.
This stunning assortment of light-bodied metallic and pearlescent paints brush on smoothly and are formulated to last.
They won’t crack, peel or chip, even on flexible surfaces like fabric, leather, vinyl or rubber.
Soft to the touch and washfast on fabric, Lumiere paints also exhibit unparalleled adhesive properties, even on non-porous surfaces like ceramic and metal.
Lumiere colours are lightfast and weather resistant and their high pigmentation provides excellent coverage, even on dark surfaces.

Apply With;
Brush, Airbrush, Stamp and Sponge
Surface compatibility;
Natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, vinyl, plastic, rubber, clay, paper and more

Set includes nine 1/2 fl oz/14 ml bottles in the following colours.

555 Halo Pink Gold
556 Halo Blue Gold
557 Halo Violet Gold
566 Metallic Russet
554 Sunset Gold
551 Pewter
571 Pearlescent Turquoise
572 Pearlescent Emerald
573 Pearlescent Magenta