Permaset Aqua - 300ml - Waterbased Textile Ink

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Easy to use, 100% solvent free Permaset Aqua is perfect for realising your textile design creations.
A complete range of clean, bright colours allows great creativity with a completely water-based product.
Equipment can easily be cleaned up using just water.
After heat fixing, your artwork will be wash, rub and dry clean resistant with an exceptionally soft handle.

Permaset Aqua utilises the latest advances in polymer technology  to deliver an environmentally friendly textile ink that is suitable for most natural and synthetic fabrics without the need for synthetic additives. 
Ensure fabrics are free of any sizing by pre-washing or pre-testing before production runs.
Care should be taken with heat fixing on temperature sensitive fabric by lowering cure temperature and extending cure time.

- 300ml

- Heat cure: 160dg for 2-3 minutes