Screen Prep - Mesh Abrasive Degreaser Cleaner - Pre-emulsion - 100ml or 240ml

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    Screen Prep - Mesh Abrasive Degreaser Cleaner - Pre-emulsion - 100ml or 240ml

    Screen Prep is a combination of surface abrasion and a degreaser recommended for the preparation of brand new screen mesh for use with all types of stencils.
    Suitable for all mesh types, Screen Prep considerably enhances the life of the stencil.
    It degreases the mesh, removes dust and static and will greatly improve the life of the stencil by improving the bond between the emulsion and the mesh itself.

    This product is designed to be used on a brand new, unused screen and gently abrades the mesh for better photo emulsion adhesion.

    Once the screen has been exposed and printed, our Mesh Prep is the product to use to keep the screens in good shape.
    Continual use of this product (instead of the use of Mesh Prep) will eventually damage the mesh.

    Only a small amount is used per screen, so a 240ml tub will do a good 20+ screens.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Contents may settle, so shake and stir to thoroughly mix before use.

    2. Wet the screen to be treated with cold water.

    3. Apply a small quantity to both sides of the screen. Rub with a brush or sponge in circular motion.

    4. Allow to stand for a few minutes.

    5. Hose or wash off with copious amounts of cold water.
    Do not use hot water, as this may block the mesh.

    6. Allow to dry before applying stencils.