Speedball - 781 Photo Emulsion Large Value Pack, Sensitiser & Remover

  • £34.99
  • RRP £46.47

Fantastic Money Saving Set!

1x 781ml Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion - 4579
1x 237ml Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover - 4557
1x 59ml Speedball Diazo Sensitiser - 4578
The individual RRP on this pack is £43, available for only £34.99!
Not to be confused with the small Speedball emulsion pack this kit contains larger quantities at a competitive price.
Great for exposing your screens and printing with water based inks. 
Please note, the bottle isn't empty, it contains a small amount (2oz) of paste that needs mixing and activating with water.
Photo Emulsion Method;
Photo Emulsion Method you are to use a polyester screen fabric. Nylon will stretch with water-based inks and is not suitable. Do not use silk if you wish to reclaim the screen.
This is one of the most exciting methods of screen printing because it offers the widest range of possibilities. It makes possible the printing of fine line drawings, various hand and commercial lettering techniques, as well as photographic half-tone positives.
1. Photo Emulsion should be washed out of your screen as soon as your print run is completed – unless you want a permanent stencil.
2. Adult supervision is recommended for this procedure. Wear rubber gloves and smock.
3. To REMOVE: (NOTE DO NOT APPLY WATER UNTIL EMULSION IS COMPLETELY REMOVED) Apply Speedball® Photo Emulsion Remover liberally to both sides of the stencil using a paintbrush. Immediately scrub both sides of the stencil with a dry nylon bristle brush. Again, apply Speedball® Photo Emulsion Remover liberally to both sides of the stencil. Keep the screen in a horizontal position for three (3) minutes. Scrub both sides with the nylon bristle brush and flush with a hard spray of hot water. Once you have started removing Photo Emulsion you must not let the screen dry or apply water until completely clean. Once the screen is clean and all emulsion has been removed you may then wash the screen out with water. 

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