Speedball - Ultimate Screen Printing Kit

  • £134.95
  • RRP £173.99

Speedball Ultimate Screen Printing Kit.
This really is the ultimate screen printing kit.
It includes various methods to set up your screen and inks for fabric, paper and card or even wood!
If you're looking for a kit that shows you the various printing options, teaches you the techniques and will get you on to your screenprinting journey, this is it. 
It also makes a great gift, it's well packaged and you can use it right out the box. 
What's in the box?
- 8" x 10" Screen Frame
- 10" x 14" Screen Frame
- Screen Frame Base with Hinges
- Squeegee - Graphic 9"
- Squeegee - Fabric 9"
- 118ml Acrylic Ink;
  Black, Process Cyan Blue, Process Magenta Red & Process Yellow
- 118ml Fabric Ink;
  Black & Red
- 118ml Screen Filler
- 118ml Drawing Fluid
- 118ml Diazo Photo Emulsion
- 118ml Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover
- 1/2 gram Diazo Sensitiser
- 1x Paint Brush
- 3x Mixing Sticks
- 3x 9"x12" Tracing Paper
- Instruction Booklet
- Instructional DVD