This is a guide for both how send us your artwork for custom screen exposure and also for best practise to help you print great transparencies at home.


The key to getting screens to expose smoothly is artwork preparation.

Whether you're doing it yourself or getting us to expose the screen for you, in order to achieve the best results follow the guidelines below.

  1. Artwork needs to be in Black & White only, no grey / other colours. The Black will need to be changed to ‘Rich Black’. This is so that no light can pass through the design areas of the transparency. Please use the following CMYK make up – any other combination will not work.C= 75, M = 67, Y = 68, K = 90 
  2. Use a template. We either print our transparencies out on A4, A3 or A3+ paper. Make your file either of those and include A4, A3 or A3+ in the file name and if it is needed, portrait or landscape. ( Images for an A5  screen must go on an A4 template.)  
  3. Size and place your graphic correctly to the template you have created. That way, the graphic on the screen will be exactly the size you have made it and want it to be, in the position you want it to be on the screen.
  4. Max image sizes on screens:
A5: 21cm x 14cm
A4: 29.5cm x 21cm (full A4 paper size)
A3: 38cm x 29.5cm (smaller than actual A3 paper size)
A3+: 47.5cm x 32cm (easily print full A3 paper size)

 Save as a PDF.



Things not to do:

  1. Send through multi coloured artwork.
  2. Send artwork that has grey in it.
  3. Send us .jpgs .pngs .psd etc


We know this can sound daunting and quite the ask if you’re not super graphics savvy, but it makes the process so much smoother and ultimately gets you the best possible finished product.

If you’ve any questions, we are only a phone call away and are more than happy to talk through the process.

Likewise, if you’re trying to make transparencies at home and are having difficulty, we’re here to help! We've also got the best screen printing transparencies in the business, should you need to pick some up for your next project.

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All over your head? Artwork struggles? Fear not!

If you're struggling to convert your artwork to rich black, or a vector file you could use Fiverr - it's a cheap and quick way to get it done by a professional. Perfect if you've got a jpg or png or if you've hand drawn something and now need it recreated in vector format so it can be used to make a screen! The best files for us to use are correctly sized vectored PDFs in rich black, but an illustrator .ai file works too!

Check out the overview of the custom screen process in the IG video below! 



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