It's a hot topic, something we get asked about time and time again and the answer is always the same. We've always taken what we believe is the right choice when faced with options in business. Always, since the beginning.

For us the right choice is the one that puts people & planet before profit.

In  2019 we committed to giving 1% of our annual sales, (not 1% of profit, 1% of sales) to environmental non profits by joining 1% for the Planet.

We are committed to protecting our only home. 

There are plenty of things we can do as a business to reduce our impact and make a difference.  One of those things is to be open, honest and help lead the way for other businesses to follow suit and make the change themselves. We're not perfect, no one is, but that shouldn't stop us trying. #beonepercentbetter

What we are doing: 

Reforestation: For every Hunt The Moon product that you buy, you're also planting a tree through Eden Reforestation. One product = one tree! 

Reducing our impact: We're moving to only using curb side recyclable packaging. This means that anything we send orders out in, you should be able to recycle easily through you normal recycling collection. This won't happen over night, but we are getting there. 

Better packaging: If we have to use plastic, for example ink tubs, we're using ones that can be reused and recycled. You can use them again for mixing inks, storing stuff in and when you're ready to throw it away, it can be recycled easily.

Getting local: For Black Friday we took all our staff hiking in Dartmoor National Park, as well as having a bunch of fun we also collected 8 bin bags full of rubbish from the roadside. 

Milk: We're a warehouse, an office, a print lab.. there's a few of us here now and we all love coffee! We get our milk direct from the local dairy, in glass bottles that we return to them and they get reused. That's over 1000 plastic bottles a year that we don't buy!



How can you get involved? For every Hunt The Moon product your buy from us, you'll also be planting a tree. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Use the tubs again, save those bits of ink and mix them up to make new colours. 

Don't throw it away, give it away. Give your misprints to charity, pass on your old screens to a local youth club. 

Don't buy it at all. If you don't need it, if you won't use it, if you won't recycle it.