Screen Printer Showcase: Natasha Luton

Screen Printing Showcase: Natasha Luton

Here at Hunt The Moon, we're proud to work with and support creative artists across the UK. With takeovers, tutorials and showcases we're able to highlight the fantastic work being created. We were lucky to work with Natasha Luton for a Hunt The Moon takeover, which you can read about here

Hey! I'm Natasha 👋

Hello! I'm Natasha Luton, a printmaker and artist based in North Devon specialising in screen printing, notably onto textiles (linen/cotton). I've recently been screen printing a lot of animals onto wood and preloved clothing. 

I first fell in love with the process of screen printing when I studied fashion and textiles at university. Several years after graduating I started to buy supplies and figure out a way of printing my drawings from home. The rest is history and I've been completely obsessed with creating and printing ever since.

Inspiration & Process ✨

In terms of inspiration for my Screen Prints, a majority of it comes from my love for animals; which as can see on my Instagram, is very evident!  One of my first projects was a sketch of a hare that then expanded into British wildlife animal prints, including badgers, foxes and stags.

More recently, I have been enjoying designing prints of bigger and wild animals like my recent zebra print. I really enjoyed creating this one because of the defined animal markings. This zebra print then went on to inspire me with my most recent Giraffe print, which I created in my Hunt The Moon Takeover! 🦒🎨

My Favourite Projects 🎨

‘Sleep Cluster’

I’d been wanting to create a monkey print for quite some time, and also really wanted to enter a competition with my work. Sleep Cluster was my entry for British Wildlife Artist of the Year. This was the first of my series of large (A3) multi-layered limited edition prints.


This print was my first ever experiment with the bright and bold colour way. Once I had printed ‘Bruce’ which is the Natural colour way of ‘Hetty’ I had a vision to mix my favourite colour palette of oranges and pink and ‘hetty’ was born. I just absolutely love how she turned out.

'Zebra - Custom Jacket'

Most recently I have been exploring customising pre-loved items of clothing. This started with me customising one of my own worn-out but also old favourite denim jackets with the grey scale zebras and added foil details. Now my favourite jacket once again. I then thought this would be a nice way to give some pre-loved Levis denim jackets a new lease of life. A colourful zebra jacket is coming for sale very soon - check out my website! ✨

Natasha's Top Tips & Tricks

Go Simple

A big one I would say is don't overcomplicate your workspace you can make really effective prints with a very basic set-up. For example, my cabin and print area is very basic, but I can still achieve a lot. Do your research start small and work your way up. I started printing on an old ping pong table in my mum and dads garage and washing my screens out in their downstairs shower.

Experiment 🎨

Experiment and find your style, figure out what works for you and your space. I would say I’m an artist before a printmaker and some of the ways I screen print are probably classed as incorrect. But they work for me. So if they work for what you want to achieve, roll with it.

Enjoy the Process ✨

Thirdly I would say have fun and enjoy the process and find lessons and joy in the mistakes and the learning. One thing I wish I’d done better. I personally would get so frustrated when a print wasn't perfect or the screens had not been exposed properly.

I've learnt so much from my mistakes or when prints haven't gone to plan; sometimes my mistakes can turn into really interesting outcomes!

My Favourite Hunt The Moon Products 🌈

The two main Hunt The Moon products are Photo Emulsion and all the Ink Colour Combination Bundles. The Photo Emulsion is a product I use all the time and is a must for exposing my designs onto the screens. I've been loving all the Ink Colour Combination Bundles and really enjoy incorporating these more into my A3 limited edition prints in the future.

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What's Next ✨

In terms of upcoming projects, I’m currently working on a commission 4-colour multi-print which is of 2 lovely dogs on one print using a fabulous hand-selected colour palette from the client - I'm super excited to see the finished print, so keep your eyes peeled for sneaky teasers of this one over on my Instagram!

I'm also busy creating custom screen-printed denim jackets after I have recently reworked a couple for myself! So, be sure to check out my socials as I'll have several custom-reworked Levis Jackets coming! 👀

As you can see this is my most recent custom screen-printed denim jacket. This jacket is one I plan on keeping; my mum actually passed me down this jacket, which she’s had since she was 16!