Black Friday - it's just not for us.

Thank you for being a customer every other day of the year 🙏

We're taking a team day

On Black Friday we'll be closing the office, shutting the warehouse and taking a much deserved day out as a team.

We'll be helping each other with some of our own print projects, talking a walk in the area that surrounds us and spending some time together.

No orders will ship on Black Friday, we'll catch up on Monday.

Who's going to be printing what?

We're all excited to do some screen printing ourselves. We've people on our team who have pulled a handful of prints, to those who have pulled more prints than we can remember. It's a great opportunity to share skills, work on our own projects and see the products that we make and ship everyday in action. Here's a an idea on what a few of us are planning to do!


I've been eyeing up our silver and gold inks for ages, I'm not sure what I'll print but it will be something with those!

Silver & Gold twin pack


Inspired by our latest free download, Im going to make Christmas cards!

Free stencil downloads


I bought a hoody a while back that I've been meaning to personalise for a friend. I'm going to print something on the back of it and turn it in to a great gift!

Fabric stencil kit


I've done it before for birthdays, but this year I'm going to commit and screen print all my Christmas wrapping paper!

Paper stencil kit

Need some inspiration?

Screen printing your own Christmas cards is a great way to start