The perfect bouquet 💐

In this FREE digital download is various Flower themed stencils such as a Jasmine Flower, Lotus Flower and a nondescript flower.

Also included is a handy 'How to screen print with stencils' guide. 

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Easily get started today ✨

Our screen printing kit for paper & card is a perfect starting point to create and showcase your screen printing work!

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Discover the Flower Garden ✨ 🌸

We also have a limited edition range of eco waterbased sreen printing inks, named, you guessed it...after our favourite flowers - these are a perfect match with the Stencil download 💛

From Forget Me Nots, Sunflowers and Daisies - we've got the whole garden.

Flower Garden Inks

Trace & Cut ✍️ ✂️

Grab your stencil paper, craft knife or scissors and start cutting!

Allign the Print and pick your inks 🎨

Lay your cut stencil on top of your card, place the screen on top and add your ink!

We have a whole range of limited edition flower garden ink to choose from.

Print and Repeat ✨

Pull the ink through the screen, then lift the screen up to reveal your print!