Hunt The Moon - Replacement Squeegee Blade

Blade Type: Square Cut 75 Shore
Size: 10cm
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Need a replacement squeegee blade?

No problem! We offer a variety of lengths and several different choices of blade type, including square, rounded and V-cut profiles - so whatever your printing requirements, we've got them covered.

20cm is ideal for A4.

30cm is ideal for A3.

Which type do you need?

Square cut (straight edge) blades are most often used by screen printers and work well for standard or regular ink and most screen printing applications. It allows for a smaller deposit of ink and is widely used on higher mesh count screens for greater detail. 

Round D-cut blades push more ink. This type can be used for special effects inks such as gel or inks with puff additive. The tapered edge allows for a large deposit of ink, which can be useful when printing light colours on darker fabrics.

V-cut blades are typically used for printing on irregular or curved-shaped substrates, but can also be used on flat screens.

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