How to Screen Print Guide + Dinosaur Stencils (Free download)

How to Screen Print Guide + Dinosaur Stencils (Free download)

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    Free Digital Download

    Our kit box has a handy 'How to screen print with stencils' guide printed on the outside. These free downloads give you a spare digital copy of that guide along with some Easter theme designs you can use as templates for stencils. 

    Need a screen printing kit? You can check out our whole range here. 

    This week's theme is Dinosaurs 

    We've got stegosaurus, T-rex and triceratops ready for you to trace and make your stencils! 

    The pdf format can be opened printed from any device that connects to your printer. There's A3 and A4 versions so you can print a size that suits you. 

    Happy printing from all the Hunt The Moon crew. 

    Want to share your prints or get some tips, tricks and resources? Our How to Screen Print at Home group is the perfect place. We can't wait to see your creativity.  

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