Multi colour paper printing with custom exposed screens!

When we saw the photos of what had been done with these custom screens, we knew we had to reach out to Rubina Press and feature them on our blog.

We knew that our customers would be really inspired by the work and of course it highlights just how easy our custom screen exposure service can make things.

Lets talk about what has been used and what you'd need to essentially print your own graphics on a studio table, dining room table or any table you like! (We're also a little bit in love with that studio table!).

Custom exposed screens (in this there's one per colour, so two custom screens)

Aluminium squeegee

Blue tape


Waterbased ink (for this print Speedball Acrylic was used, which is perfect for paper prints - you could also use our own waterbased ink)

Paper to print on to. 


The photos make this one really easy to understand whats going on, if this was a single screen / colour print!

The paper is laid on the table, the screen is held in the hinges and lowered on to the paper, the ink is pulled through the screen and the frame is then lifted off. Replace the paper and repeat.

If this was just a single colour print this would be it. Easy.

For the two colour print, it gets a little trickier because on a single set up, like hinges, putting that second screen in and lining it up so it prints in the right place on those bits of paper you've already printed is a little trickier.

Top tips for this would be to ensure the paper is going on to the table in the same place every time, essentially making a little jig with lines on the table, masking tape etc. Then it is a case of printing all the paper for screen one, swapping the screens and printing screen two. Having a printed version of the two colour print on a piece of paper which you can then use to help line the screens up will really help. 

The hinges allow some adjustment with moving the frame before tightening them down and when we're exposing custom screens for multi colour prints, we'll always do our best to align them as accurately as we can to help things when it comes to lining them up to print.

This is such a great example of how to print multi colour designs on paper with a simple hinge set up and our custom exposed screens. 

You can find Rubina Press on Instagram and also check out the website and shop, where you can purchase one of these amazing Thank you NHS screen prints - we can't wait for ours to arrive, it's going straight in the shop window.


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✨ Exciting news ✨ These limited edition screen prints are now available to buy from our snazzy new (very minimal) online shop. Link in bio ☝🏻 . 100% of the profits from every sale will be donated to the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, to help support the amazing work they do in the range of mental health services they provide in the community, at home and in hospitals . Each print is hand-pulled in two colours, using traditional print methods onto super lovely @gfsmithpapers . We’ve kept the price looooow, and we’re also offering free UK Standard Postage this week only (until midnight Friday), to help keep them affordable, and to raise what we can. They’re limited edition tho, so once they’re gone, they’re gone ⚡️ . Lock down is tough, yep. But so are you 💪🏻 #staystrong

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