What do you need to expose & burn your own screen printing frames?

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A brief guide on the things you’ll need if you want to expose your design on to a screen, so that you can print all kinds of awesome colours on to all kinds of awesome things, like t shirts, wrapping paper, card and so on!

Things you’ll need:

  1. Exposure unit
  2. Screen printing frame, photo emulsion & sensitizer, scoop coater
  3. Your design on a transparency
  4. A dark storage box
  5. Jet washer / hose / shower


Exposure unit. Exposing screens at home is possible and you can do it without breaking the bank. Our exposure kit gets the job done from screens A5 – A3 and you can get in to some pretty fine detail too!


Screen printing frames come in a variety of sizes and mesh counts, if you need help choosing the mesh count, drop us a line otherwise theres details on the link.


Photo emulsion and sensitizer. We tend to find that Speedball emulsion works better with our high powered light, however if you’re using a lower powered light or prefer to use smaller tubs, then Jacquard emulsion is a great choice.


Scoop coater. You can apply emulsion with a squeegee, but a scoop coater will give a more even coat and it is much easier to salvage the excess with one.


Transparencies tend to be the biggest issue. If any light is getting through your graphic, it will scupper the whole process. We’ve a whole blog post dedicated to helping you make great transparencies, do check it out and make sure that your artwork preparation for screen printing transparencies is spot on!  

You'll also need a printer to print them out on, it doesn't get much better than the Epson Stylus Photo 1500 W A3+ Printer. It's what we've used since the beginning and it's still going strong and printing perfect screen printing transparencies everytime!


A dark storage box. Once the screen is coated you’ll need to let it fully dry in a place where it is totally dark. A cardboard box covered with a blanket is by no means fancy, but it will get the job done.


A jet washer / hose or shower. Getting the emulsion out of the screen requires pressure. A jet washer is ideal, but a hose with a jet attachment on the end or even the household shower will do the trick!


Picked up all of the above? Great! You’re set to go!

Remember, this is only a brief guide on what you’ll need. If you’re purchasing our Hunt The Moon exposure kit, it will come with full instructions on how to set it up and expose your screens.


Are you having difficulty exposing with your own unit? Check out our blog post on the ‘Step Test’. It will get you burning screens correctly in no time!

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