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Custom Screen Exposure - We'll expose it for you!

  • £14.99

  • Free UK shipping on all orders over £50. 
  • Courier shipping available within the UK. Discounted worlwide shipping as standard.

    For a guide on how the customer screen exposure service works, including costs, artwork and timings please visit: Want us to expose your screens for you?

    Please read this blog post for artwork guidelines: Artwork preparation for screen printing transparencies

    You'll need to purchase both this product (the exposure service) and a screen, unless you are sending a screen to us.

    Please email your artwork through to

    The above price is for the screen exposure service only, and doesn't include the cost of the frame, please purchase that separately.

    Average turn around time is 7-14 days.

    If you're sending a screen back to be exposed by us and it needs cleaning, please also buy the screen cleaning service. Please clean any ink off the screen prior to returning it to us.

    Top tip: Don't forget to pick up some specialist screen printing blue tape to tape up the edges of the screen before printing. You can use regular brown parcel tape, but the blue tape is so much nicer to use, easier to peel off and leaves nothing behind on the screen once removed.

    Artwork struggles? If you're struggling to convert your artwork to rich black, or a vector file you could use Fiverr - it's a cheap and quick way to get it done by a professional.