It's no secret that we’re big fans of waterbased ink, here's why.

Waterbased inks have also came a long way over the years, they are now bright and vibrant, and there are lots of options and methods for getting light colours to show up well on darker garments. Long gone are the days where waterbased inks couldn't hold their own against plastisol inks.

Here’s the important stuff:

- It's environmentally better - Waterbased inks are far better for the world than plastisol inks.

- Wash out – You can wash waterbased inks out with tap water, if the inks a little dry gently use a brush or a bit of soap. No nasty chemicals needed and no nasty chemicals going down your drain. 

- Feel - We love the feel of a set waterbased ink, it sinks perfectly in to the fabric and is really nice to touch.

- No cracks - Everyone knows plastisol inks are prone to cracking because they sit on the surface. No such issues with waterbased inks.

- Ease of use - We all get ink on our hands while printing, occasionally on the garment by accident... with waterbased ink, water is your friend and more often than not, you can get yourself out of an inky situation without ruining what you are printing!


If you’re just starting out, check out the Hunt The Moon waterbased range of inks, it’s what we use and great for screen printing on fabric. We make a range of trial sets and smaller tubs too, so it's easy to give it a go.

We also sell waterbased Inks by Permaset, these guys are the world leaders when it comes to waterbased ink, but they are made in Australia and have to travel halfway around the world to get to the UK - So if that's a big deal to you, it's worth noting Hunt The Moon inks are Made in Britain.

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