Sideshore Screen Printing Workshop

On World Oceans Day, we supported Earth Minutes, a group of environmental specialists on their project with Sideshore to deliver six educational workshops, to nearly 350 school children in Devon, for the Wear for Waves Workshop.



The aim ✨ 🌊

The workshops were all centred around ocean conservation and local action, with the mission to explore the students' connection to the local environment in order to unlock their potential as change-makers. The way they did this was through screen printing.

Each workshop was focused around the topic of ocean pollution, specifically microfibres, with the children creating campaign t-shirts to raise awareness about the problem.

"Never have I seen children so engaged and excited in a workshop, and their designs completely blew us away. Events like this make my job and I never cease to walk away feeling energised to keep fighting the good fight for a better future for them all. ✊🏼🌊✨💙" - Charlie Young, Co Presenter

The results 👀 🐳 

We were asked to tag along to the event to help oversee the Screen Printing; from creating stencils, cutting them out and printing! It was a fantastic day and for many of the students, it was their first experience of Screen Printing. 

Our team member, Kristin was leading the charge and was able to see first hand some of the amazing results from the students. 

'It was an incredible experience getting to work with so many creative and enthusiastic kids! Not only where they able to learn about microfibres and the environment but put it to practice through Screen Printing." - Kristin, Hunt The Moon

We had a great time at the event and were so fortunate to get involved - using old T-Shirts to screen print on, we walked away ourselves learning more! We're super excited for the future workshops, in the mean time, be sure to check out both Earth Minutes and Sideshore and what they have coming up ✨

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