Ultimate Fabric Screen Printing Kit - A4 or A3 43t With Photo Emulsion & more!

Size: A4
Type of ink: Regular Waterbased
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Our Aluminium screen printing kits set a new standard in affordable printing kits. This kit includes everything you need to expose your screen, print on fabric, clean up, and clean up your screen.

You'll need to choose the screen size, A4 or A3. You'll also need to choose between regular waterbased inks and super opaque waterbased inks. 

Regular waterbased inks: Great for printing on lighter coloured fabrics and garments.

Super opaque waterbased inks: Great for printing on darker coloured fabrics and garments.

Kit contents:

A4 or A3 43t Aluminium Screen Printing Frame 

8" or 12" Aluminium Squeegee with Square 75 Shore Blade

6x 100ml pots of premium waterbased ink, one each of black, white, red, yellow, green and blue. Choose between regular waterbased inks and super opaque waterbased inks.

250ml Emulsion Remover

250ml Waterbased Screen Wash

10x Transparencies

A4 or A3 Scoop Coater

8floz (236ml) of Diazo photo emulsion and sensitiser.

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