Make it yourself, make it personal 🎁

Unique gifts mean the world to the receiver. We all know that receiving a gift that someone has put time and effort in to means so much more. Our screen printing kits are a great way to make unique items and gifts whilst getting to have a little fun along the way!

Our stencil kits make it easy

We all love receiving gifts that are personalised to us.

Our Screen printing Stencil Kits make it easy for you to start personalising your gifts for your loved ones - plus you can have some fun along the way!

Screen printing stencil kits

What can you do?

We've loads of ideas and examples over on our Instagram, here's some of our favourites

Kids clothes (or any clothes!)

Our fabric stencil kits make it easy. Wether it's names, ages, slogans, shapes or any design you can cut with a craft knife.

Fabric stencil kit - How to guide

Oven mitts! (but it really could be anything!)

Lauren used a vinyl stencil for this one, a great option if you already have a Cricut or similar.

Printing with vinyl stencils - How to guide

Tote bags!

Always a favourite, easy to print and work a treat with our aluminium screen printing kit and Yupo paper.

Print a tote with Lauren - Watch on Instagram

Yoga Mats, t shirts & more!

Lauren used a custom screen kit for this one, the results speak for themselves! The ink fade is easy to do with our waterbased inks.

How to do a ink fade - Watch on Instagram

Ready to start personalising your gifts?

Our screen printing kits make it easy!

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