Enabling the creation of original art for all

Sharing the love of printing

We love printing and we want everyone to be able to experience the joys of print. That's what Hunt The Moon does, it enables the creation of original art. 

This started out by making cost effective, entry level products that were cheaper than other screen printing suppliers. Over time we've brought out premium ranges of product and grown our quality to become one of the most recognised screen printing suppliers in the World. We've always made sure that we've had an entry level cost effective option that helps those wanting to get started, an easier way in to print. 

As Hunt The Moon grows and our customer base increases, we're in a position to do more. We're finding new ways for people to access print and over the last couple of years we've ran (and continue to run) a few campaigns to enable print for all. 

Print it forward

In April 2020 we ran our "Print it forward" campaign. The plan behind it was pretty simple, if something was stopping you printing and we could help get you back on track through supplies, we would. We donated inks, screens, squeegees and more to printers who needed it.

We helped people from all backgrounds, at all stages in life and for a variety of reasons. This campaign ran throughout the pandemic lockdowns and we saw a huge uptake from screen printers all over the UK. 

We are planning for Print It Forward to return, but in the meantime, if you ever find yourself in a position where you've hit a printing brick wall and for whatever reason cannot fund supplies to continue, reach out to us. We can only make a difference if we actually do it.

Charitable Giving

As a Certified B Corp, we're in it 'for good' and have it embedded in our business DNA to give at least 2% of our revenue to environmental & social organisations and charities. 

Our environmental commitments include being members of 1% for the Planet and certifying Climate Neutral each year. Our social commitments have included food distribution in Indonesia and the giving of screen printing supplies to charitable organisations that will get people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds in to print.

We've supported a host of charities with supplies, from local Guiding groups, to community projects, through to charities such as Venture Arts and Artizan International. Through this we've enabled entry in to screen printing from Plymouth to Peru. 

Venture Arts is an award-winning charity based in Hulme, Manchester. 

Their vision is a world in which people with learning disabilities are empowered, celebrated, included and valued in the arts, culture and society.

"Our mission is to shape a new cultural landscape where people with learning disabilities reach their potential as artists, curators, critics, audiences, participants and advocates."



Artizan International is a charity that enables, empowers and supports people with disabilities in the UK and the developing world through creative therapeutic activities, crafts training and social enterprise. 

Artizan International enables, empowers, and supports people with disabilities in the UK and the developing world; through creative, therapeutic activities, crafts training, and social enterprises.



The future of our giving.

We continue to work with many of the charities and organisations that we've already been involved with, providing supplies as and when they are needed. As many of the supplies we give can be used over and over, we find that we top up more on consumables as times goes on.

We're always on the look out for new charitable partners and welcome the introduction to organisations making a difference to peoples lives through print. If we can help your charitable organisation, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.


We are currently in the planning stages of offering screen printing workshops & classes within our local area, with both paid, reduced fee and free places available.

We'd love to support those around the UK who give their time to enable people to access print. Could you team up with a local charitable organisation and run a screen printing workshop? If you could, please do get in touch!


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