We built Hunt The Moon on the Shopify platform, we also built our sister company which is a clothing & sunglasses brand on a Shopify platform. I also built my coffee company on a Shopify platform. We’ve been using Shopify for years and can’t praise it enough.

I’m sure that whatever it is you are starting, from a clothing brand to a gift card business, there are a ton of good reasons as to why you should pick Shopify. Here’s a few points that sprung to mind for me:

It’s intuitive. You don’t need to be a computer genius, or even know how to code. Love Apple because ‘it just works’? Shopify are on the same page.

It’s powerful. A quick Google will bring up big brands that use Shopify stores with thousands of products and millions in sales. We’ve grown from making our first sale in the house garage, to having a warehouse / office and staff that depend on us. As we’ve grown, our website has handled that growth without ever faltering.

It looks good. There’s so many great free themes to switch up the appearance of your store. Theme’s for every style of business. Hunt The Moon keeps it simple, makes it easy to find what you are looking for and we keep consistency for when you return.

The amount of compliments we get on our sister brands website is unreal, especially when you consider the ‘website building knowledge’ behind the scenes is minimal.

It’s ahead of the times. Websites integrating with Facebook and Twitter and so on, Shopify has been doing it for years. The features built in are always current, always in the direction eCommerce is heading. We’ve never felt like we are ‘waiting on an update’.

It will support you as you grow. We’ve never had a problem or an issue that hasn’t been fixed in minutes. MINUTES. Think about that. The amount of friends that have eCommerce stores or websites that have to get hold of their developer, or person on the end of an email or whatever that sorts it when something goes wrong... We’ve never had that problem.

Pricing. Even on the most basic plan, the eCommerce engine behind the scenes is the same as the highest tier. Sure there’s more in depth reports and a few fancier features, but the platform itself is the same. Shopify works as hard for you from the day you open your store up until the day you’re doing £100’000 a year and beyond.

Apps. I wasn’t going to put this in because it can be an additional cost, but then I thought about all the free apps we use to enrich the customer experience. There’s thousands out there and many many great ones. The best apps are developed for Shopify.

If this sounds one sided, it is. We’ve built businesses and lifestyles, been able to employ people and put food on the table for our families and a big part of that success is down to how we have embraced online. I’ve got friends who should switch to Shopify and haven’t, and they are still having the same issues, so it’s something I feel strongly about. Strong enough to scribble it out and think that it will help someone like it’s helped me!

I’m sure if you’ve reached this point your keen to know what the other websites are so I’ll list them below. You’re probably also annoyed with the switching between ‘we’ and ‘I’ but you’ll have to live with that!

If you’ve ever got a question about Shopify, feel free to reach out to us / we / me just as you would with a screen printing question.

Thanks for reading,


Hunt The Moon tea & coffee boy + web stuff & other things

Clothing & sunglasses: dewerstone

Coffee beans: Dawn Roasters Coffee Co

ps. The offer to reach out was a genuine one, you can reach me via the messenger function. Please do.

And if you are thinking about starting a Shopify store, you can get a free 14 day trial by clicking the banner below:


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