Waterbased inks are perfect for printing at home. They are easy to print with and easy to clean up.

 All inks need to be heat cured before they are wash fast. That means the ink will not come off in the wash.

If your prints are still coming off in the wash they are not cured. You will need to iron hotter or longer, or both. 

Here's our quick guide to heat curing your screen printed textiles at home using an iron. 

You will need:

  • Your print. 
  • Brown paper. 
  • An Iron. 


Once you have finished your print is best to let it air dry until it is dry to the touch. 

Overnight at room temperature should do it. This allows most of the moisture in the ink to evaporate, making the curing process easier. With this method of heat fixing with an Iron it will also stop your nice new print smudging. 


1, Set your iron to its hottest setting for the type of fabric you are using. (Cotton will handle the highest setting)

2, Place the brown paper over the print. Iron all over the print, keeping the iron moving, spreading the heat evenly across the print area. 

3, Do this for at least 2 mins, more like 2 mins 30 secs. Possibly longer. 

The ink needs to reach 160deg C to cure and be fixed. By moving the iron it should prevent the fabric burning. Without a thermometer it is hard to know the ink has reached temperature so as long as it is not burnt you can go hotter and longer to be sure. 

Once all the water has evaporated the pigment in the ink should have bonded to the fabric. 

4, Wash test your garment at its normal setting to check it has cured. Here we are testing with a high pressure hose so show the ink has fully cured.



For more information on heat curing inks check our Find the Cure blog.

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