How to screen print on paper & card

Screen printing on paper or card is pretty much the same as screen printing on fabric and it's easier than you might think! 

First off, you don't need a fancy set up. A little bit of space, a table top and a couple of screen printing products will get you going.

In a nutshell you'll need: A screen, a squeegee and some ink.

We do a handy kit with all three in: Screen, squeegee, ink kit.

You can get as complicated as you like after that, but the process of putting ink on a screen and pushing it through the mesh with a squeegee is as simple as it sounds. 

Screen printing in it's most basic form would be making a stencil to create a design, check out our guide on how to screen print with stencils.

Next up would be using photo emulsion to get your design on to the screen. This is a little more complicated but great if your design started life on the computer.

We've a guide on how to screen print with photo emulsion or an even easier way to get started is for us to expose your design on to a screen for you.

In these photos, the screen is exposed with the photo emulsion method. The screen is then held in place with a set of screen printing hinges attached to a piece of plywood, again that's as simple as it sounds, there's nothing complicated going on here.

The next step once the design is on the screen is to tape up the edges of the screen, so no ink can leak through the sides.

All that's left to do is to place the screen down on to whatever you are printing on, in this case paper, add your ink and then pull the ink across the screen with the squeegee.

Hey presto, there you have it, one screen printed piece of paper.

With our waterbased screen printing inks clean up is easy too. Just wash them in the sink with water, be careful not to use a abrasive brush if you have a screen with emulsion on as that will take the emulsion (and your design!) right off.

It's important to clean the screen straight after you finishing printing, the ink will clean up much easier and the screen will last longer. 

For printing on paper or card you can just let the inks air dry. 

That's it. It's that simple. Get the kit.

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