How to screen print fabric on your dining room table!

We don't just like to keep things simple, things are simple.

screen printing at home

Overcomplicating things more often than not just leads to not getting them started.

Here's our four step guide to screen printing fabric on the dining room table, the coffee table, kitchen table or any table! (it doesn't even need to be a table!) 

Screen printing is as easy as:

1. Get your design on to a screen (we can help with this)

2. Put some fabric on the dining room table

3. Pop some ink on the screen.

4. Pull the ink across the screen.

We did say it was simple. AND it really is!

From there the only limit is your imagination... Cushions to t shirts, jet black to metallic gold, just for fun or something to do with the kids on a rainy day, right through to making your first sale and then on to making your first million. 

However far you want to go, we've been there, printed the t shirt and are here to help you do it too. Get a screen printing kit.

screen printing fabric at home

These lovely photos are from @pipsqueak_uk's instagram page. This really shows how good the results can be and really, how simple it is. Just pop your screen on top of the fabric, add the ink and pull the squeegee across. 

"Honesty, you made it so easy to start the printing side of my business. Almost feels like it was too easy! 😂 I hope more people realise that they can do it too and that you can help them ❤️" - @pipsqueak_uk

Check out the Pipsqueak shop for all their hand screen printed goodness! 

pipsqueak handprinted bed sheets

Ready to get started? Get yourself a screen printing kit!

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